News alert: CEO interview airs

Diane M. Bacha, Marketing & Communications Director, Public Allies, 414-831-0966

Interview with Public Allies CEO

airs on national radio show

An interview with Public Allies CEO Paul Schmitz will air  Dec. 9-16, 2011, on Tavis Smiley's syndicated radio show. Smiley interviewed Schmitz about his new book, Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up, which outlines Public Allies's approach to building diverse, inclusive leadership in our communities. The interview will also be featured on Smiley's website,

In his book, Schmitz offers a set of practices to help leaders be more effective at bringing diverse people and groups together to solve problems. He describes the emergence of Public Allies’ leadership model (and the important role played by Michelle Obama, who left a prestigious legal career to found Public Allies Chicago) and outlines a new definition of leadership as an action everyone can take, not a position few hold. The book includes dozens of interviews with Public Allies alumni, whose inspiring stories bring the book's principles to life.

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