eUpdate April 2012 - Jon Bon Jovi

April 2012 edition

From the Huffington Post: I Am Not Trayvon Martin
Homelessness All Too Real for Central Florida Ally 
What Would it Reveal About Your Leadership Style 

Above: Everyone Leads Book Tour

March 2012 edition

Allies Amplify Voices in Support of Cincinnati's Youth
Alum Steve Ramous Harnesses the Promise of Youth

Above: Allies from Public Allies Cincinnati organized and facilitated a series of community meetings to give city residents a voice on how Cincinnati is meeting the needs of youth and how it is falling short.  This meeting took place at the Elementz Center.

February 2012 edition

A leader in Education: Charles Adams
A Los Angeles Ally Sees Assets in Skid Row
A 360 Ally-Style: "Scary and Exhilarating"

Champion of the Month: Kanwar Singh 

Above: Across the country Allies took time out from their work to reflect and refuel    Read about project below

January 2012 edition

Above: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day Allies in 21 cities across the country joined friends and neighbors to honor Dr. King, reflecting on his legacy and practicing his belief that "Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve." 

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August 2011 edition

AboveThis summer, 600 Allies celebrated the conclusion of their 10-month adventure with heartfelt ceremonies that included alumni, family and friends. Shown above: the Public Allies New York graduation.

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July 2011 edition


Above: Silicon Valley Allies let out a cheer on Martin Luther King Day. Allies organized more than 300 volunteers to revitalize an East Palo Alto elementary school. More Service Day photos here.

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