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 PANY Staff w/ Corporation for National & Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer
Greetings Allies, Alumni, Partners, Volunteers and Friends! 
As we kick off another amazing year, it's naturally a perfect time
to reflect on all of the assets that makes Public Allies New York
possible. From an amazing group of Allies, new and returning
Partner Organizations, Alumni, friends and a host of community
supporters - none of this would be possible without the collective
work of the community. So as we move into the 2013-2014 year, our
underlying goal is to find new and impactful ways to highlight the 
strength of the community and the work we can accomplish together.
It will be an exciting year ahead, we look forward to sharing
the journey with you.  Take a peek at the amazing things we're up
to for this year, and let us know how you'd like to get involved!

-Max Chang
Program Director


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Welcome to Public Allies New York

Public Allies are diverse and passionate social change makers who create
pathways for a stronger community and a lifetime of impact. Since 1999,
we've developed more than 300 young leaders who increase the educational
and economic opportunities for low income New Yorkers. 

Our Allies

Our Allies represent the rich diversity of experiences and backgrounds
that New York has to offer: The incoming class of 52 Allies is comprised
of 27% men, 90% of the total pool being young leaders ofcolor, 
10% LGBTQ, 69% women.


Become an Ally 

Ally At Service 

As Fall begins, so does another year of the Public Allies New York program.
The 2013 recruitment season was supported by our Alumni, Allies, Partner
Organizations and friends of the PANY community. Through the efforts of
this collaborative recruitment strategy, our 2013-2014 class is comprised
of diverse, talented, and passionate young leaders ready to make change.
Here are some highlights: This year PANY is excited to host six 2nd Year
Allies. We will also partner again with the Center for Neighborhood
Leadership to host a cohort of 13 Allies. On 8/13, the entire Ally class
had their program year Orientation. Sept 3rd-6th the Allies engaged in Core
Training. Sept 9th the Allies began their 1st day at their Partner Organization. 
PANY is looking forward to another successful year collectively affecting
change one Ally at a time! For more info, contact Dona Tarectecan


Our Partner Organizations 

This year over 30 organizations throughout the five boroughs
have hosted Allies, including small startups, large agencies,
afterschool programs, housing programs, immigrant services, and 
job development initiatives. As a result, the organizations-
and the collaborations between them- are stronger, and the
communities are better off for it. 

Become a Partner Organization 

Center For Neighborhood Leadership

Public Allies NY is excited to work with our Partners as hosting sites.
Our Allies are in the hands of such powerful nonprofit leaders.
Our Partners see the potential in our new leaders and commit to
professional coaching and mentoring over these next 10 months. 
PANY will create greater impact alongside some of our returning Partners
like Cool Culture, Queens Museum of Art, Pratt Area Community Council,
United Way of NYC, and Comprehensive Development Inc. Our new Partners
include Barrier Free Living, Berean Community & Family Life Center, Bridge
Street Development Corporation, Cause Effective, and Clinton Housing
Development Co. Together we are committed to making social change within
NYC and the non-profit sector. For more info
contact Charlene Clarke.


Our Alumni  

Our Alumni Network includes over 400 diverse leaders, many of
whom have gone on to continue impacting the lives of New Yorkers
and setting a new standard in the nonprofit field. In fact, over
80% of our graduates have continued careers in Public Service.


Public Allies NY Alumni Advisory Board


In 2010, we developed the Public Allies NY Alumni Advisory Board (PAAB).
PAAB consists of a core group of alumni that focuses their energy on
engaging alumni. Joining the board allows alumni to give back to Public
Allies New York (PANY) and to help launch the new and improved Alumni
Leadership Network. Alumni gain the opportunity to hone their leadership
skills and work with a diverse group of people on a larger scale and a more
influential capacity. PAAB presents a valuable opportunity for alumni to
significantly enhance their resumes. New members will also be responsible
for helping to recruit and maintain a strong and diverse Advisory Board,
as well as form affinity groups. We are searching for alumni who are willing
to act as spokespeople for PANY and can demonstrate knowledge and a belief
in the Mission and Vision of Public Allies. If the above characteristics
describe YOU, then we’d love to have you on our Board!
For more info, contact
Sabine Blaizin.


Special Thanks to our Funders and Partners


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Rodney Fuller

Program Director     
Max Chang

Alumni/Community Engagement 
Sabine Blaizin

Partner Recruitment/Engagement           
Charlene Clarke 

Ally Recruitment 
Dona Tarectecan 


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