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Please Read through this page before contacting Public Allies at Eagle Rock School.  Most questions can be answered in this site.  The application Process and Materials are located toward the bottom of this page.

A unique leadership opportunity at Eagle Rock


The Public Allies fellowship program at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center supports new ways of leading that are right for the times and right for a unique student population. The Fellowship Program provides twelve individuals with an advanced yearlong service and leadership development program focused on education and youth development at the nationally recognized Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center located in Estes Park, Colorado.

Founded in 1993, Eagle Rock is a tuition-free residential high school that serves diverse young people (ages 15-21) from across the country who have not succeeded in conventional schools. Drawing on the beautiful mountain setting and an innovative curriculum focused on how people learn rather than how teachers teach, Eagle Rock School emphasizes active learning, community service, environmentalism, outdoor education, and traditional academic subjects. The Eagle Rock learning process, as shared through their Professional Development Center, has influenced educators across the country and inspired the Public Allies continuous learning process.

Through this unique service and training opportunity, Public Allies Eagle Rock Fellows will gain skills that will make them effective teachers, leadership trainers, and youth workers.

Candidates must have a college degree, or life experience that equals a college degree, to be considered for the fellowship. Fellows will work and live together in community with eleven other Public Allies Fellowship Program participants, students and staff at the school's state of the art facilities in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver.

Leaders interested in this specialized leadership development opportunity must have a college degree, or life experience that equals a college degree and those who have previously served in AmeriCorps should verify their eligibility before applying.


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 About the Program


Fellowship: The Public Allies Fellowship is an opportunity being made available to individuals who are passionate about education, youth development and working with 15 - 21 year old students from diverse backgrounds across America who have not been successful in conventional school settings.

The Public Allies Fellowship has two perspectives--local and global. The local reason is that Fellows contribute skills, energy, and knowledge to the community. As residents they are involved in student activities and campus life as well as classroom teaching and administration. Like everyone else at Eagle Rock, they serve as role models, take on leadership roles, and live the values expressed through Eagle Rock's commitments.

The global reason is related to Honda's reason for founding the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center--to influence renewal and reform initiatives in American Schools.  Learn about the American Honda Education Corporation

We envision Fellows utilizing what they learn at Eagle Rock in their next work environment and serving as emissaries for the kind of education Eagle Rock believes in. No matter what they do or where they go (but most especially if they enter public education) former Fellows act as ambassadors for the values that Eagle Rock honors. Thus, Public Allies Fellows are part of Eagle Rock's professional development effort.


Training & Learning:  Molding tomorrow's educational leaders begins with core training where Fellows are oriented and begin the community-building process. Throughout the year, Fellows gather together as a cohort once a week for training provided by skilled professionals in the field. Learning seminars are designed to build the necessary skills for strengthening communities, nonprofits and civic participation in ways that embrace the core values of Public Allies: collaboration, diversity, community participation,continuous learning and integrity."

Fellows participate in a variety of professional development experiences, including weekly training seminars exploring theory and practice of education. We use Eagle Rock's own Dr. Lois Easton The Other Side of Curriculum:  Lessons for Learners as well as Dr. Easton's book Engaging the Disengaged:  Helping Struggling Students Succeed, as coursework.

Additional training topics include: Asset Based Community Development, Diversity & Oppression and Giving & Receiving Feedback Project Based Learning, extensive use of Quality Assessment Planners, Long and Short Term Learning Targets, Work Shop Model, Enduring Understanding and much more.

Fellows also participate as a group in mid-year and year-end retreats, as well as regular critical reflection sessions where they connect their service to larger social and public issues.

The Fellows are coached using the Public Allies continuous learning process which includes setting personal and professional goals, creating plans to achieve those goals, giving and receiving feedback from peers and supervisors and documenting progress towards specific service and learning outcomes. The program concludes each August with Presentations of Learning, when Fellows demonstrate to the entire Eagle Rock community how they have met their service goals and learning outcomes throughout the year. 

Team Service Projects: Throughout the program year, Fellows work in teams of 4 and side-by-side with community members on Team Service Projects (TSPs). TSPs are based on the idea that in order to improve communities, you must discover and build upon their assets - the talents and capacities of the community.

Team Service Projects leave a sustainable contribution to the Eagle Rock Community with direct and measurable impact.

The projects are divided into four phases: community exploration; project planning; project implementation; and critical reflection, evaluation & project transition. Their team service projects allow the Fellows to gain an additional community service experience, while developing important skills in teamwork, collaboration, volunteer generation and project management.  

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 Become a Fellow
We are seeking creative and enthusiastic college graduates, or those who have life experience that equals a college degree, who can share their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Fellows should have interest in and experience working with young people. We are looking for people who bring a passion for learning and a desire to participate as an engaged member of our residential community. We want Fellows who are willing to make a serious commitment to our program for one year beginning in late August.

Possible Fellowship area disciplines include:
Language Arts & Literature, Science, Mathematics, Spanish Foreign Language, Visual Arts, Social Studies, Music, Human Performance, Service Learning, Professional Development/ERS Impact, Outdoor Education, Learning Resources & Technology, Curriculum Development, Health, Wellness & Counseling, and Guidance Counselor (Life After Eagle Rock). In addition to the responsibilities described in the
position descriptions below, all Fellows supervise students and organize activities for them.


The Fellowship Program is focused on professional & personal development and Eagle Rock is a learning community. We are interested in people willing to grow professionally and personally. Due to the community living situation at Eagle Rock partners/spouses, children, and pets will not be accommodated for on campus living. We have an unconventional schedule in that you would be working either Sunday thru Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday and would have some long days when on duty or attending a community meeting. (sample schedule coming soon).   We also encourage applicants to visit the school for a tour on a Tuesday or Saturday. Call 970.586.0600 x1010 to learn of times and to schedule a tour.

While email correspondence is encouraged for questions (pajob@eaglerockschool.org), submission materials should be sent as e-mail (preferred) or hard copies to the attention of Mark Palmer using the address at the bottom of this page.

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Meet the Fellows

Class of 2006

Class of 2007

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

Class of 2011

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Application Materials-  All materials be sent to pajobs@eaglerockschool.org

 Early Deadline:  February 15 (Send cover letter/resume and you will be notified if you are a viable candidate and need to continue with the rest of the application packet within a week)

Traditional Final Deadline:  March 1 (Please send all required application materials by this date)  No need to resend resume/cover letter if you already sent one for the early deadline

Materials may be e-mailed to pajobs@eaglerockschool.org.  You can have the completed references sent to you and then you can turn in all material at the same time or have references sent directly to pajobs@eaglerockschool.org. (This is different info than on the application form) or You may also send in your application material the traditional way using the address below. (e-mail preferred) 

Early Application Deadline February 15:  To make things easier you can send your resume and cover letter to pajobs@eaglerockschool.org on or before February 15 and you will be notified within a week if you are a viable candidate and need to complete the rest of the application packet which will still be due by March 1. No need to resend your resume/cover letter if you sent one in for the early deadline

Eagle Rock Fellowship Application

Eagle Rock Reference Form (you can have these filled out and either e-mailed to you to send in with the rest of your packet or have your references sent directly to PA ERS at pajobs@eaglerockschool.org)

How are Fellows Compensated

Health Information


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How to Apply
All application material must be received by March 1.  Late, misdirected, or incomplete submissions will not be considered.  Applicants will not receive confirmation of receipt of application.  Application materials will become property of Public Allies and Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center and will not be returned to applicant. 

Applications can be e-mailed to pajobs@eaglerockschool.org (preferred way) or Applications may be sent to: 

Public Allies Fellowship Program

Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center

2750 Notaiah Road

Estes Park, CO  80517


Hiring Timeline:

Final Application Deadline:  March 1, 2015 (See above for early application deadline)

Phone Interviews:  March-April 2015

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected for a phone interview after the March 1 first deadline and before May 2015.   We appreciate your patience and ask that you not reach us regarding the status of your application.

Hiring Decisions:  May 2015

Report to Eagle Rock School:  September 5, 2015

Program Dates:  September 5 2015 – August 19, 2016


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Mark Palmer, Director

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Contact Us
2750 Notaiah Road, Estes Park, CO 80517-1770.
Tel 970.586.0600 x1332    Fax 970.586.4805     

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 Eagle Rock School provides Public Allies Fellows a unique opportunity to develop educational and youth development leadership skills through work with youth, instructional specialist and each other. All of this is done within a residential setting amongst the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains."

-Mark Palmer, Executive Director
Public Allies Eagle Rock